Refer a friend to use logocheque to get 20% commission.
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Referral Program Rules
1. The inviter is responsible for introducing contacts and inviting customers to use the service with the company.
2. Providing any information About the company to the customer who referred Must be official information of the company only Do not use the brand of the company unauthorized use providing any information must be accurate truthful and does not make customers misunderstand the service of the company or any other case
3. The inviter must complete a membership application before being eligible to participate in this program.
4. Referrals will receive a referral link after successfully applying for membership.
5. Referrals will receive 20% of the referral commission from the software. (after tax vat7%) when the friend you invite has successfully subscribed and paid for the product.
6. Commissions from the program will be charged on the 27th of every month. And the company will transfer the money through the channel that the inviter has recorded within the 10th day. of the following month after the cut off
7. Conditions may be changed. without prior notice