User Feature
System Username & Password
Set permissions
Cheque Feature
Supports cheque printing of all banks in Thailand
Able to add cheque templates of all banks around the world
The system of storing and searching for the payee's name
Convert figures of currency to words. Thai,English and Lao supported
All currencies supported and can be added
Support for dates A.D. and B.E.
Auto-filled system of 'Account Payee Only' & 'Or Bearer' stamp
Company Logo system to print on cheque
Storing and searching system for memo recorded/saved on the cheque
Tracking status system of creating cheque
Font size setting and alignment system
Cheque stub printing system
Calculator system
Usage detial/date storage system
Account Feature
Bank cheque account system: Able to add, delete account books and cheque
Cash in system: Able to manual/auto-add income both cash and cheque in the system
Report Feature
Reporting system of creating cheque
Reporting system of creating cheque searched by a payee
Reporting system of creating cheque searched by a memo
Cash in reporting system
Balance sheet reporting system for the receipt of cheque.
User performance reporting system
The system of alignment and size of the characters in the report printing.
Able to export reports in Text, HTML and MS Excel formats.
Database Support
Maria DB
Server Support
Compatible with Window XP,7 ,8 ,8.1 ,10
Support for using through LAN / LAN supported
Support for using through Cloud Hosting / Cloud supported